Climate Bridges


On this day, December 10, which, every year and throughout the world, celebrates the idea, but certainly not the reality, of Human Rights ; 

On this day, December 10, 2015, when our friends from the Tunisian civil society are to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, because they have managed to fight political, economic, social adversity, as well as violence and excessive security measures, by relying on the secular virtues of local and national dialogue ; 

As the COP21 comes to an end and the next COP is already looming on the horizon, we are convinced that in the fight against global warming, an absolutely vital turning-point has been reached. 

There is no longer time for private interests, diplomatic blackmail, financial bargaining or criminal hesitation. Now is the time to listen to the repeated warnings from the scientific community, the time to listen to the injunctions of spiritual and religious leaders. Now is the time for the dynamic forces of civil society to act locally or at a more global level. 

On the ground and on all continents, organisations, NGOs and barely emerging initiatives have not waited till now to tackle the climate issue, with its many social and political versions. They have not needed any help to address the dangerous excesses of the climate crisis, such as the future of millions of refugees, and to propose all sorts of solutions. 

After a long battle, the notion of Climate Justice has recently been accepted. But it is easy to see how – from trade deals to financial transactions through terrorism and the various answers to counter it –other issues, other negociations, other phenomena might, one way or another, negate climate change action or even existing agreements. 

Today the only way to fend off the attack, the only way to go ahead is to formally place ourselves under the aegis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Insisting on its values and incorporating the values of Human Development will demonstrate how official procedures have been going nowhere and overlapping for much too long. 

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been mishandled by its own signatories (i.e the countries themselves). It appears here and now to be the only lever available to make every woman, every man, every generation feel personally involved and encouraged to become an actor in the future of this Earth Mother planet where we all live. Deep down, any citizen should feel he has the right to call to account those representatives and decision-makers whose fatal indecisiveness is hidden behind closed doors.

Draft by Patrice Barrat, December 4, 2015, to be amended with the various partners of Bridge  Initiative  International, and later with the Tunisian laureates of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.

14H00 to 16H00
138 rue Marcadet, 75018 Paris France

As the transition takes place between COP21 and COP22, between France and Morocco, how can this Appeal place human rights at the heart of the debate and global governance, and help unite global civil society, international institutions, public authorities, the private-sector also? This not just ensure that everyone feels challenged and engaged in the fight against Climate Change, but also so the climate of fear create by war and terrorism doesn't undermine the achievements that centuries of struggle that led to democracy and citizen participation


  • Patrice Barrat (Bridge Initiative International)
  • Pierre Peyrot (Bridge Initiative International)
  • Driss El Yazami (CNDH President, COP22)
  • Mohamed Ghatas (Forum des Alternatives)
  • Sami Tahri (UGTT, Tunisian Quartet for National Dialogue)
  • Cindy Wiesner (tbc) (Grassroots Global Justice Alliance)
  • Michel Tubiana (video) (President of the Euro-Mediterranean Network of Human Rights)
  • Christophe Aguiton (Coalition Climat, COP21)
  • Nicola Bullard (tbc) (Ex CCFD - Focus on Global South)
  • Kamel Jendoubi (by videoconference) Moroccan Minister in charge of relations with the Constitutional Bodies and Civil Society
  • Hindu Oumarou-Ibrahim (tbc) (Climate Action Network)

Espace Génération Climat
COP21 Le Bourget

A short presentation of the “In The Name Of Our Rights” Appeal, a summary of the event held earlier in the day at la Ligue des Droits de l’Homme, specifically for media organizations unable to attend it.


  • Patrice Barrat (Bridge Initiative International)
  • Driss El Yazami (CNDH President, COP22)
  • Michel Tubiana (video) (President of the Euro-Mediterranean Network of Human Rights)
  • Joseph Amon (Human Rights Watch)
  • Sébastien Duyck (tbc) (CAN)